A Happy Life for Athena

Athena has come a long way since being rescued by Humane Officers just over two years ago. Thanks to the love and care of our staff and her adoptive family, Athena is living the happy and healthy life she deserves.

In March of 2018, Humane Officer Vail and Humane Officer Winwood King received a complaint about a badly neglected dog. The officers responded immediately due to the urgency of the complaint. 

Upon arrival, the two officers found an extremely emaciated and neglected black labrador dog. Each individual rib, hip, and backbone was visible on the animal. The dog was unable to lift her head higher than her shoulders and had little to no hair on her tail and spine. Her eyes were sunken in and there were several deep scars across the bridge of her nose. 

The officers immediately impounded the dog, now named Athena, based on her condition. She was transported to Ojai Village Veterinary Hospital where she was seen by Dr. Sallen. She was just a mere 36 pounds. 

Athena had a long road of recovery ahead of her after being rescued. After months of personalized care under the guidance of a veterinarian, Athena began to put on weight and regain her strength. Our dedicated staff worked with the sweet pup every day to rebuild her trust and confidence in people. Seven months post rescue, Athena was well enough to be adopted into a loving family. Officer Winwood King (middle) who had rescued her in the field, and Animal Ambassador, Mellissa Goldman (right), who was instrumental in socializing Athena here at the shelter, are show below with Athena's adoptive Dad one year after her adoption.

Recently we received an update on Athena from her mom. She said that Athena is now thriving, happy, and healthy. Her adoptive family says they are forever grateful to the dedication of the staff, Humane Officers, and everyone involved in Athena's rescue and rehabilitation back to health. We are even more grateful to her family for allowing our girl to get her second chance. 

Thank you all for making this great success story possible!

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