Shelter Director: Jolene Hoffman

A.JOLENE.jpgJolene Hoffman came to the Humane Society as a volunteer when the shelter opened in 1982 and worked her way up to becoming the shelter director in 1985 and has remained in that position to date.

Jolene is dedicated to overseeing all shelter staff and animals. She councils the public and performs euthanasia for the public’s animals when they are suffering. She also works all major disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes to assist with animal rescues.

When Jolene began volunteering in 1982, she felt that she had found her purpose. She loves coming to work with like-minded people who are all here for the same reason. Jolene knows the humane society is a safe place for the animals of Ventura County. Jolene says it is her job, along with the rest of the staff, to recycle pets that have been thrown away and place these special creatures in their forever homes. She strongly believes the key to ending suffering for all animals is education, spaying and neutering. To contact Jolene, please email or call 805-646-6505 x.109.

Assistant Shelter Director: Arlene MacSween

A.ARLENE.jpgArlene MacSween has been the office manager at the Humane Society since 2002. In 2014 she was promoted to Assistant Shelter Director.

She oversees all office staff to ensure that all customers and residents are treated with compassion.

In addition, Arlene works hard to partner people with the right animals. She counsels new adopters, prospective adopters and provides support for those who have recently lost a pet. She also brings in animals that can no longer be cared for and provides support for both the animal and the owner.

Because of her outstanding leadership qualities, she was promoted to Assistant Shelter Director, where her skills could be used to help the Shelter Director in many areas around the shelter.

Here at the Humane Society we are lucky to have an individual that cares so deeply for both people and animals. She listens, understands and works to help all. To contact Arlene, please email call 805-646-6505 x.101.

Director of Community Outreach: Greg A. Cooper


Cooper began his relationship with the HSVC in 1990 while working as a photographer for the Ojai Valley News. Since then, Cooper has worked as a volunteer photographer for the shelter documenting their animals, staff, facilities and fundraising events such as the annual Santa Paws.

Cooper, a native of Ojai, Calif., graduated in May 1996 from Western Kentucky University with a double major in photojournalism and anthropology.

After leaving Western Kentucky, he returned to Southern California, where he worked at the Ventura County Star as an assistant picture editor. The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch lured him away to work as their Sunday picture editor.

In 2003 Cooper returned once again to Ventura County, this time to pursue his Master’s degree in Photography at Brooks Institute where he graduated in December of 2004. Cooper was hired as faculty in the Visual Journalism program where he taught until Brooks’ closure in 2016.

Cooper continues to work in education as an adjunct instructor for Ventura College and Santa Barbara City College. Cooper lives in Ojai with his wife Cláudia and their HSVC-rescued dog Biskit.

To contact Greg, please call 805-646-6505.

Director of Investigations: Jeff Hoffman

A.JEFF.jpgJ. Hoffman can be contacted at or call 805-646-6505 x 105.







Humane Officer: T. Vail

Officer Vail can be contacted at or call 805-646-6505 x 108.

Humane Officer: K. Winwood


K. Winwood joined the Humane Society staff in January of 2014 as an adoption counselor. As a lifelong animal lover, Winwood knew that a career in animal welfare was for her. After studying anthropology and criminal justice at Ventura College she began extensive training to become a humane officer, completing the Animal Law Enforcement Academy at the San Diego humane society in October 2015. In July 2016, Winwood was officially sworn in by Judge Henry Walsh at the Ventura County Courthouse.

Winwood is a Ventura County native, growing up horseback riding and surfing she is proud to serve as a voice for creatures that would otherwise have none, as well as helping the people within her community.

To contact officer Winwood, please email call 805-646-6505 x.106.

Volunteer Coordinator: Amanda Volden 

A.AMANDA.jpgAmanda originally joined the Humane Society of Ventura County as a volunteer back in January of 2015. As a student at California State University Channel Islands, Amanda was part of a program that required students to donate 90 hours of community service to a local non-profit.  Amanda had always wanted to work with animals. She describes choosing to volunteer at an animal shelter because "my pets have always been there for me and I wanted to be there for other animals”.

Amanda has big plans for the program. She explains, "I really want to create an environment where the volunteers enjoy helping. I’m working towards more training opportunities, more volunteer appreciation, and more opportunities for the volunteers to do things they enjoy doing to help the shelter. It warms my heart to see so many people willing to help make all of our animal’s lives better. Every day is a new and exciting day and I learn so much from everyone at the shelter. People from all walks of life and circumstances join together to help dogs, cats, horses, and the occasional bunny to find new homes".

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer you can contact Amanda at 805-646-6505 ext. 110 or email

Kennel Manager: Angela Hanline

f.angela.f.jpgAngela Hanline came to the Humane Society to use her skills and training to help the animals of Ventura County. She is a lifelong animal lover who from a young age was charged with helping sick animals. Here, she makes sure that all animals receive proper nutrition, have clean bedding, fresh water, and are bathed. She also assists in making sure that all animals receive proper veterinary care and medication.

Next time you come in to look to adopt a new family member be sure to say hello to Angela. She will be either upstairs or downstairs making sure that all of the animals are cared for.

To contact Angela, please email call 805-646-6505.

Grant Associate: Ralph Saccomano


Ralph joined the staff at the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2015 as the grants associate. Previously, Ralph worked in the environmental industry writing grants and technical reports for a municipal government agency outside of Dallas, Texas. He earned his BA in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a graduate degree with an emphasis in nonprofit and government management.  

Ralph can be contacted at or call 805-646-6505 x115.






Media & Marketing: Franki D. Williams

Franki joined the staff at the Humane Society of Ventura County in October of 2013. As the Media & Marketing Coordinator, Franki works closely with staff and volunteers to provide the public with all the latest news, animal profiles, and available resources at the HSVC. Franki brings with her over ten years experience working in the nonprofit field focusing on community awareness through media. Franki attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she focused on Media Arts and earned her BA in International Studies with an emphasis on Human Rights from Portland State University.

Franki can be contacted at or call 805-646-6505  x 112.



Veterinary Assistant: Christina Illman

staff.christina.jpgChristina joined the staff at the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2014 as  a kennel attendant before becoming our newest veterinarian assistant int he summer of 2016. Christina assists the veterinarian during surgery, advises the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, and assures that all animals in the clinic are well cared for. Christina has been around horses and other animals all her life, and currently has 1 Labrador. Christina continues to work hard to further her animal related career by learning all aspects of the shelter. 

For information on spaying and neutering your pet please call Christina at 646-6505.

Adoption Counselor: Linda Sass

A.LINDA.jpgLinda has been a dedicated member of the Humane Society since 1990 when she came in looking for a job and ended up finding her life’s love and purpose. She is a lifelong animal lover who has three dogs, Jack, Cheech, and, Cricket, both adopted from the Humane Society of Ventura County, and a horse named Sassy. 

Here at the humane society, Linda charges herself to the care of all of the animals of Ventura County and the people that care for them. She helps match people with the right animal and makes sure that all animals at the shelter are accounted for. She provides rescue numbers and referrals when needed and helps intake animals that can no longer be kept by their owners. She has worn many “hats” while at the Humane Society. She has been a kennel attendant, the office manager and the volunteer coordinator.

To contact Linda, please email call 805-646-6505 x113.

Adoption Counselor: Betty Jo MacCaughtry

After a 25 year career in health care and human resources, Betty Jo thought it was the right time to start volunteering with the humane society. In january of 2012 she started as a volunteer. She then completed the animal ambassador program, hoping to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping animals.

When the opportunity arose to become an employee, that goal was achieved. As an adoption counselor she can now help find homes for those lost, abandoned and abused animals and hopefully connect them with their “forever homes.”

Here at the humane society, Betty Jo charges herself to the care of all of the animals of Ventura County and the people that care for them. She helps match people with the right animal and makes sure that all animals at the shelter are accounted for. She provides rescue numbers and referrals when needed and helps intake animals that can no longer be kept by their owners. In addition to all of this she also manages the HSVC gift shop.

To contact Betty Jo, please email call 805-646-6505 x 100.

Adoption Counselor: Shirley Warren


Shirley Warren joined the Humane Society of Ventura County team in November of 2015.  Warren was a former volunteer at the Humane Society of Ventura County 2002 to 2006; one memorable moment she recalls was on a chilly day when she sat in a puppy pen with nine puppies stuffed under my sweatshirt keeping them warm until they were ready to exit out the top of my shirt to play.  

Before coming to the Humane Society Warren earned a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a Geology minor, at California State University, Sacramento; and worked in the Environmental Engineering industry for a number of years as a scientist and technical editor.

Warren has had a personal interest in providing support to individuals grieving the loss of a pet or facing a pending loss; “I have been through pet family loss many times and I understand too well the difficulty going through the loss of a pet companion” she says.

Warren grew up in Ojai and lived in Northern California several years before returning in 1998.

To contact Shirley, please email call 805-646-6505 x 107. 

 Kennel Attendant: Jennifer Davidson

f.jen.jpgJennifer Davidson joined the team at the humane society in 1990 as a kennel attendant because of her sincere love of animals. You can hear Jennifer down the halls lavishing the animals housed at the shelter with hugs, kisses and lots of love. She assures that the animals have clean housing, makes sure that animals have proper nutrition and are kept clean, groomed and healthy. She also assists with administration of medications and and vaccinations as needed. She also helps partner prospective adopters with the right animals and assists in safely introducing the animals here at the shelter to the prospective adopter’s pets and family.

Next time you get ready to adopt a new family member, Jennifer will be happy to help you pick out the right pet! 









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